My very first blog…..

My very first blog…...


My very first blog…..

Well let’s start with hello people,

This is my very first blog so bit unsure of what to talk about or say.These things can be so hard can’t they? Or do we just make them hard by over thinking what to write? People say life is what you make it,but at the same time we make mistakes which in turn then puts us in a hard place that we have to overturn.

I personally have made so many mistakes in life,I am now trying to rebuild my life 6 months later!! Things can never heal straight away,you can either block it off and lock it in a box or feel the pain and mend it.Me I sometimes lock stuff off and other’s deal with the pain,but its hard which ever way you deal with it.There is only so many mistakes you can make right?

I don’t have any children so don’t have a pick me up in that way,I do have 2 niece’s and 2 nephew’s that make me smile and put a brave face on for them and hide my troubles.In also have the unconditional love and friendship off my pets.

Any until my next blog bye for now

Yvette X